West to Manitoba

We arrived in Nipigon and went to the campground where we planned to stay a few days, this of course would be weather dependant.

There was a piece of history sat near the lakeside within the campground.

While here we spent the time walking the local trails and wandering around the town taking in the history.

After our time here we continued back to Thunder Bay to do our laundry after Catherine checked out the local laundromat in Nipigon and was not happy with what she had seen. We left Thunder Bay late in the afternoon to head west on the southern route via Fort Francis.

We only travelled about 30km/18 miles to Kakabeka Falls where we stayed for the night. Next morning, we left and headed for Atikokan where we would have lunch before making our way to the campground we had chosen.

After lunch we strolled around the town exploring its history street art.

I am not sure if you can read this as it has been bleached out by the sun, it explains about the diamond drill in the above photo.

The plaque explaining the above photo cannot be read at-all due to being completely bleached out.

We made it to the campground, which was about 20kms/12 miles further west along the highway located on Banning lake and settled in for a few days as the weather was going to be really nice.

We also pulled our bicycles out of the back seat of the truck to ride some of the dirt roads between all the small lakes in the area.

While here, a bald eagle dove into the lake right in front of us and caught quite a large fish and proceeded to eat it on a rock. After having it’s fill it let out a few loud cry’s whereupon two young eagles came to join it for their fill. After some sibling revelry they finished eating and flew off. The adult and one of the young ones settled into a tree across the lake. (Note: the first few photos are out of focus, this was Stewart rushing to capture this moment on film).

After few days enjoying the location and weather at our campsite just west of Atikokan the weather was starting to change, this was our impetus to continue west to Fort Francis where we stock up on groceries and find a quite spot to stay for the night near the river.

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