West to Manitoba Part 2

Once we had completed restocking our groceries we continued west along HWY-11 to HWY-71 which goes north back up to HWY-17 which will take us back to Kenora.

We stopped along the way just outside of the town of Sioux Narrows to stretch our legs.

Continuing on to Sioux Narrows Provincial Park, this is where we planned to spend a couple of days if they could accommodate us.

After a couple of nice days here we continued to Kenora which is located on Lake of the Woods, this time we pre-booked our campsite at Anicinabe RV and Campground, this is where we wanted to stay on the way east but they were fully booked. We booked in here for three nights as this location is popular with people from Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and even a few from Alberta.

We could walk in to town from here in about 20 minutes or cycle there in 10 minutes via the Great Lake of the Woods Trail. This is also part of the Trans Canada Trail; we have visited one of the end points to this trail when we were in Tuktoyaktuk located in the North West Territories on the Arctic Ocean 3 years ago.

On our way into town we passed the local Safeway grocery store, most stores have drive up service to pick-up your groceries, this one has a boat-up section along the river.

There was an old English telephone box at this location but it has seen better days.

Kenora has some interesting street art amongst other items of interest.

The Kenora Thistles won the Stanley Cup back in 1907, for those who do not know this would be equivalent to the European Cup in Football (Soccer) although only Canada and the USA participate.

A waterfront patio was recommended to us, they sold beer from the local brewery, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company.

These glasses have an early warning system for when you need to order a refill, so don’t panic!

The view from our campsite were good also.

We also had a few locals call by to see us.

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2 thoughts on “West to Manitoba Part 2”

  1. I have been enjoying reading your blog and don’t really have anything to say but words of encouragement.
    I “think” we met in Guatemala at the police park, hard to know these days. I have an Airstream with solar panels.. there’s was another guy with an Airstream that was down that way, he was from England, I am not.

    Anyway, keep it up you guys.

  2. Lots of water in those pictures. We have a friend in Kenora from Mazatlan. I have only driven through never stopped to smell the roses. Next time I think I will stop and smell the roses.

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