War Remnants Museum

This museum is about the Vietnam/US war, and after effects, This war should never have happened as it was a false flag that started it. This will mainly be photos as all information is contained within them. Its long past time humanity learned from the mistakes made by others long ago that are written within our history books.
There were several different types of military vehicles on display outside the museum such as: Tanks, Cannons, Military Personnel Carriers, Aircraft and Armaments.

Moving inside you start on the second floor and work down. This floors display is all about the journalist/war reporters that covered the war and some of their stories, they were from many countries around the world, some were injured and some died.

The following are miscellaneous photos from this and the next floor:

From personal experience I can say that the people of Vietnam are welcoming and wonderfully friendly, we really have enjoyed our time here.
Next: Malaysia.

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