While in San Jose del Cabo we met back up with Stefan & Thomas where we stocked up on groceries then head out east along the coast towards a wild beach camp spot for two days. But on the way, we stopped at Buzzards for a Margarita to celebrate Stefan’s birthday before dinner. We also had a nice sunrise the next morning.

We spent the day relaxing while Stefan & Thomas went back into San Jose del Cabo to take care of some business. We watched whales spout in the distance, we took a walk along the beach and came across a rock where someone had used their imagination.

Our camp spot for the night.

Later Ken, Angie, Keela and Cash rejoined us for a night. In the morning they decided to head to Todos Santos, the rest decided to move closer to Cabo San Lucas, we found a very nice beach called Playa Las Viudas. This beach was groomed every other day, we camped in the parking lot which was separated from the beach by a bridge owned by a resort that was being expanded, they have security cameras and guards that patrolled.

Not all camping spots have a great view, but it was secure.

We spent a few days here relaxing on the beach, just hanging out swimming in the sea and watching whales breach in the distance.

The beach at Playa Las Viudas.

From here we did a Costco run before heading up the coast towards Todos Santos.

On our way we stopped in at Playa Cerritos and visited Hotel Hacienda Cerritos for some lunch.

We watched surfers, surfing from the patio.

Most people will recognise this from the Eagles Hotel California album cover.
After lunch we travelled into Todos Santos for a stroll around, where they have a Mission. Todos Santos is what they call a Magic Town:
The Programa Pueblos Mágicos (“Magical Towns Programme”) is an initiative led by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR), in conjunction with other federal and state agencies, to promote a series of towns around the country that offer visitors a “magical” experience – by reason of their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance. The Mexico Tourism Board acknowledges that México´s magical element, and not only its sun and beaches, is what keeps many tourists coming back. Thus, they created the ‘Pueblos Mágicos’ program to recognize places across the country that imbue certain characteristics that make them unique and historically significant. (Courtesy of Wikipedia).

There is also a Hotel California in Todos Santos. The owners are being sued by the Eagles for insinuating there is a connection to the Eagles Hotel California.

From here we headed just north of town to find a camp spot for the night but first called a Turtle hatchery where they were releasing baby turtles into the wild.

The camp spot was on a wild natural beach which was windy and had huge drop-off to the Pacific Ocean.

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