Time to Leave

We all returned to Progreso from our trip Valladolid and settled back into our daily routine playing Pickle Ball, Mexican Train and get together with friends over the next couple of months.
We found that there was a Thai restaurant located not too far out of town in a small village/town called Baca. We decided to visit with some of our friends from Progreso and enjoyed the offerings.

These are photos from within the grounds of the restaurant.

Left to right: Stewart, Betty, Lorena, Karen, Catherine. Back Tim and Carlos.

We also had a group birthday celebration at Elio Al Mare (Italian restaurant) for Tim, Rob, Wendy and Cheryl.

The sunset that evening was really pretty.

Our friend “Captain Dave” needed a couple of people to fill up one of his sailing charters he had organized, so we decided to go along.

One Sunday morning we went with our friend Chris to Merida and rented bicycles, they close the Paseo de Montejo for cyclist to ride freely without having to worry about vehicles, into the downtown area.

It was now getting close to time to say our “see you later” to the people we met in Progreso, at least for another year.
The first people to leave was Ken & Nat. They headed off to Cancun to catch their flights to the USA and Philippine’s respectively.

Left to right: Stewart, Catherine, Nat, Ken and Nelly.

Ken had checked-in and cleared Security when he found out Nat would not be allowed to board her flight to Istanbul due to some missing info to transit Thailand.
To cut a long story short he called us to help. The simple solution was for Nat to return to Progreso and stay with us until she could sort this out. She boarded the next bus back to Merida where Nelly picked her up and brought back to say with us, but not before taking her to a party in Merida hahahaha.

Nat, Nelly and Catherine making plans.

We had booked tickets to go back 10 days after Ken & Nat were leaving, as it turned out Nat saved a couple of hundred dollars on her ticket leaving later with us. We rented a car in Merida to drive to Cancun to catch a direct flight back to Calgary. We loaded both ours and Nat’s luggage into the car and the three of us set off together for Cancun, but not before a couple of detours.
We left Progreso around 9:30 am and drove to Motul where we would have brunch.

Local dish ‘Motulenos’.

Next stop for two nights would go back to Valladolid.

We checked into our hotel and walked to the nearest ice-cream store to enjoy in the square with a couple of locals.

As it had been a long day, we had dinner and an early night.
Next morning, we found the Hop-on-hop-off bus for a city tour.

We also visited a private residence that doubles as a museum, they have quite the eclectic collection of items on display, these photos only show a very small portion of their collection.

Next day we travelled to Cancun, dropping Nat off at her hotel where she would spend the night before catching her rearranged flight to the Philippines.

We continued on to Playa del Carmen where we would be visiting with our friend Bella, we had only planned on staying a couple of days, but we were all having such a good time she persuaded to stay a full week, we adjusting our planned accommodation stay in Cancun to suit our new plans.

We made it to Cancun where we spent a couple of days, we visited our favorite restaurant where we always have the mixed grill platter.

After our few days here reorganizing our luggage, we caught our flight and returned to Calgary without any issues.

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