The Main Event

After our day trip we had a couple of days free before the event which we came to see. We used these days to spend some of this time with friends we met on our day trip, seeing the local sites, and sharing some meals together. Hamid & Jaiza a brother and sister from the UK, Nick from the Netherlands, and Dujaan from Saudi Arabia before they departed for home. Hamid & Jaiza were staying for another week, a couple of days after Nick & Dujaan left for home they introduced us to Rohan & Riya from India whom they had met.

The following photos will give you an idea of the local food.

There are many Baclava stores in Baku, besides the Pecan and Almond flavors in Azerbaijan they have a Walnut based Baclava, they are all very good and we overindulged.

While in a store purchasing Baclava we meet a mother and son who turn out to be daughter and grandson of the World Champion Formula 1 driver, Emerson Fittipaldi, Juliana & Enzo, who himself is a Formula 2 driver and hopes to be in Formula 1 next year.

Juliana and Enzo
Front Row L to R: Nick, Jaiza Juliana & Enzo. Back L to R: Catherine, Stewart & Hamid.

Now for the Main Event which is the Baku, Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix, this race is a street race and was a four-day event with lots of entertainment besides the racing.

This is how we were greeted at Baku’s Airport.Baku City Circuit.

There were workers setting-up the Baku City Circuit from the day we arrived, they finally closed streets down about four days before the race.

Some of the daytime entertainment, there was also evening entertainment:

And some old vehicles on display:

Hamid, Jaiza, Rohan and Riya were all here for the Formula 1 race.

Here is Hamid, he and Jaiza are big Lewis Hamilton Fans.

One evening while out for dinner at an Indian restaurant we bumped into Damon Hill, he is a former Formula 1 Race Champion but is now a race commentator.

Jaiza, Damon, Catherine, and some Reporter.

And photos from the actual racing over that weekend, it was fun trying to time the taking of a photo with the cars zooming past. On a side note, Enzo finished 2nd in the Formula 2 race.

The Trophy.

The night before the final race there was a lightshow performed by Drones, it was quite impressive even if the photos do not do it justice, this is a sample.

Drones setting-up.

Baku City Race Circuit.
Racing Helmet.
The Country of Azerbaijan.

We had a couple more days here after the race before we left.

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