The Chocolate Factory

This blog will be photo heavy.
After leaving Uxmal we came across this band of musicians, who were a little rusty.

We continued to the Chocolate Factory after we had some lunch, where the chocolate making process was explained.
The Civid-19 prevention message is on display before entering the property.

First stop was the museum located at the entrance.  Below is the historical timeline of chocolate, which is truly an international affair.

Once inside the building there was quite a lot of information on display, the following is a sample.

There were also some old chocolate manufacturing machines.

And various chocolate drink mixing, serving and drinking containers.

We left the museum and headed into the grounds of the property where they have quite the botanical garden.

The Route Map of the property with display items indicated.

The following again is just a sample of some of the plants in the gardens.

There is also had a water storage and collection system.

There were few species of wild animals kept in cages within the grounds, these are animals that will not survive if they were released back into the wild.

Sorry some of the photos are a little blurry but the signs location were not the greatest for lighting and sun at that time of day, as there was lots of reflection.

2 thoughts on “The Chocolate Factory”

  1. Hi. Looks like you two are having fun. The picture of the band looked like a similar band in the copper canyon area.
    We had a nice chat with pat your mum on the phone. Sounds like she didn’t have a good experience at the misery. Glad she is better now. No fun falling at any age. Be safe.
    Looking forward to you guys coming for ribs.

    1. HI Doug,

      The band in this blog although they are a little “Rusty” they are very polished in comparison to the band in Creel LOL!!!

      Good to hear you and Pat hooked up for a chat, she seems to be doing better since her release from ‘The Mis’.

      Take care and we’ll hook-up when we are back.

      Stew & Cat

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