Southwest Ontario Part 2

We arrived at Baymouth and caught the ferry from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory at the north end of the Bruce Peninsular.

We unloaded from the ferry around 5pm, and headed straight to the campground located on the southside of Tobermory that we had chosen for the night and were quite happy they had available space for our unit. All I will say about this campground is they sure cram the people into the available space, that said we are spoilt being able to just stay anywhere as we are self contained including solar for power and good supply fresh water.

Next morning, we drove back into Tobermory to see the town itself.

From here we continued south to Owen Sound to stock up on groceries and spend the night. After checking the various wild camp spots, we decided that it would be Walmart as the wind coming off the lake was quite cool. After parking at Walmart, we walked over to Montana’s for dinner.

From Owen Sound we travelled west to Lake Huron’s east coast where we would follow the coast southwest to Kincardine.

We stopped at Southampton which is located at the point where highway-21 turns south at the coast.

Continuing south we travelled to MacGregor Point Provincial Park to spend a night. From here we continued to Kincardine where we would be staying on the driveway of Jonny & Michele’s, whom we would be staying with for a few days. While there we had dinner at The Tartan Tusk Pub and Eatery one evening.

We had a couple of spectacular sunsets while staying here.

After our time here we continued southwest, as we were heading to Sarnia.

We had been told about a brewery that had been specially built by an entrepreneur. This brewery was located in Blyth, which meant we had to make a minor detour. Well we had to check it out, while in Blyth we were able to stay at the towns exhibition grounds as they have a camping area. The exhibition grounds were only about a 10-minute walk away from the brewery which was called Cowbell Brewing Company.

We left next morning and made it to Brights Grove, where  we would be visiting our friends Paul & Yani for a couple of days, again staying on their driveway. While here we strolled along the waterfront and also ventured into downtown Sarnia where you can cross a bridge into the USA. With the Covid situation only commercial trucks crossed between Canada and the USA. We had some lunch while watching the freighters sail by.

After a nice couple of days with Paul & Yani it was time to turn east again, next stop would be Barrie, Ontario via the scenic route.

There are not too many places to stay in and around Barrie so we ended up staying in Cabela’s parking lot for a couple of nights while seeing the local sights down by the lake (Lake Simcoe). We also visited an old family friend, while here.  We also had some service work done on the truck.

At this point due to the time of year we have decided to turn back west and start heading back to Alberta.

The stats of this trip so far:

The most Northern point to date – Flin Flon, Manitoba

The Most Southern point – Sarnia, Ontario

The most Eastern point to date – Barrie, Ontario

Miles/Kilometers to date – 4427 miles/7125 kms.

Next: Turning West

3 thoughts on “Southwest Ontario Part 2”

  1. Hi,
    Your in my old stomping grounds. I spent many a summer in Wiarton, and Sauble Beach. Had a friend who was an accountant at the nuclear power plant. Lots of history up there. Went scuba diving on old sunken ships in Tobermory. I know the area quite well. I have a friend who owns property between Oliphant and Wiarton, he has had his property designated as ohnatural and has a trail through his property that is a side trip which is part of the Bruce Trail that runs from Niagara Falls to Tobermory.
    Doug Batchelder

    1. Hi Doug,

      Yes this is a nice area, lots places to go and things to do.

      Jonny our friend we visited works at the Bruce Nuclear plant, the company he works for are performing upgrades.

      Stew & Cat

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