Southern Manitoba

We left The Pas and headed south to Swan River, after looking through the town and walking through the Lions park in town were we found the following plaques, we also found a spot to spend the night.

Leaving Swan River in the morning we travelled out to Winnipegosis, this is a small town located on the lake of the same name. We would stay  for a few days, or until the weather forecast rain.

Our campsite located on Lake Winnipegosis, this is a huge lake comparative to where we have been to date, it’s actually like being on an inland sea.

While here we wondered into town to check things out, where we soon found the dead centre.

Sorry about the pun!

From here we continued south to Dauphin where we would pick up some supplies before going to our chosen campsite located on Lake Dauphin for the evening, our ultimate destination was Gimli, the home of the Gimli Glider and not the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings. Gimli is located on Lake Winnipeg which is bigger lake again.

There was a nice beach and the water was quite shallow at our campground.

Next morning continuing on, our next stop was Arborg, this is the home of the largest Curling Rock in the World. Arborg also has produced some very good Curlers.

As we were leaving the carpark where this Rock was located, we heard speeding vehicle and then a loud crash. We went to investigate and found some college aged young female adults staggering and shouting for help, their car had crashed through a fence and into an old abandoned building. They informed us that there was someone still inside the vehicle. Catherine comforted the girls and made sure the police and emergency services were called, while Stewart found an unconscious male in the driver’s seat with the engine still running and smoke coming from the engine compartment into the cab. After opening the windows, turning off the engine and finally opening the drivers door he and one of the girls tried to arouse the driver by talking to him until help arrived, making sure he was not moved and maintained his position.

Once all this was sorted and we were not needed anymore we set off for our next location, this would be Riverton, which has Manitoba’s Largest Moose. One of the first responders to the accident mentioned this moose to us.

From here we continued on to Gimli where we would spend the night. Next morning it was time for exploring. There is a military base located in the area and this Trainer was located on Mainstreet near the harbour, the Canadian Coast Guard is also stationed here, who knew?

There are some large boats on this lake.

All along the Seawall in the harbour are painted murals, these are just a few.

Gimli was and old Icelandic settlement, in fact this whole area was settled by people that came from Iceland.

He looks a little like Gimli from Lord of the Rings.

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