After leaving La Paz we headed to Los Barriles for a couple of days where we camped one night at Playa Norte as we knew they had reasonable internet and we needed to do some business online, camping here is quite expensive due to being very Gringo-ish. Next day we went to Baja Sunrise RV Park, we stayed here for three nights. Here Darren & Kim came to visit, they are interested in a camper/cabin from OEV for their truck and wanted to check out ours in person. We had a good visit and then decided on to have dinner together the following evening, which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Left to right: Darren, Catherine, Stewart and Kim

We left Los Barriles and continued south down the southeast coast of Baja California Sur, we headed back to Cabo Pulmo for five or so days just enjoying the quite time. Once we hit the gravel road we aired down our tires to smooth out the bumps and wash-boarding.

While here we met a young couple, Lucho (Luis) and his girlfriend who are from Chile, they had purchased a truck and camper in Alberta and were driving back home to Chile. We walked the beaches and hiked the surrounding countryside.

The evening before we where leaving here Chris & Nicole who are travelling by motorcycle and are from Alaska came back. We  met them the first time we  were here and again saw them at Tecolote but did not get chance to catch-up. Next morning before we left we caught-up on were each of us had been and discussed where we would be heading next.

Chris & Nicole































From Cabo Pulmo we continued south on the coast road, this is a gravel road through Cabo Pulmo National Park until about 20kms/12miles before San Jose del Cabo, from Cabo Pulmo it is about 50kms/30 miles to the pavement.

On the way we found a remote beach called Nahe Dem, where we found couple from Victoria, BC, Tony & Pauline who were already camped there, they  had two dogs  they had adopted in India several years ago called Roti & Rupee. Upon arrival Stewart also helped some locals get their truck unstuck from the soft sand using his Maxtrax sand ladders.

Tony & Pauline

After a short time, Chris & Nicole also turned up for a night, we all sat around Tony & Pauline’s campfire that evening.

Chris & Nicole also joined us for dinner.

The next day Chris and Nicole continued to San Jose del Cabo as they had a week booked in a Timeshare. To their chagrin once they left the whales just offshore put on quite the show at dusk. I took a short video which I posted on our Instagram page at: gonetripn

And the Mexican air force also got in on the act.

We also had a very nice sunrise the day we left.

We stayed one more night before heading into San Jose del Cabo for a few days, we needed internet and groceries. We also wanted to get our teeth checked and cleaned, but could not get in for four or five days. While driving in we came across a very stubborn donkey in the middle of our lane, it would not move until Stewart pulled up within centimeters/inches of it where it just sauntered across the center line and stopped in the incoming lane.




























We were also passed by a delivery truck doing its rounds, or maybe there was just a sale on coffins???






























For the next few days we headed back out to Playa Las Viudas spending days on the beach, snorkeling, reading and enjoying the sunrise and sunset.
There was also a very brazen Pelican.






























After the completion of our dental work and restocked our groceries and water we headed back out to Playa Nahe Dem

for another week to just take beach walks, watch the whales

enjoy the sunrises,


and beach fires.

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  1. What a life you are living. Good for you guys, it looks wonderful. You are meeting good people along the way and living your dream. Thank you for letting us share your travels. Steve.

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