After leaving here we travelled to La Vantana.

This is a very Gringo-ish and was very busy as there where getting ready for a Kitesurfing, Sailboarding, Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding and Mountain Biking competition where the prize was $5000USD. We found a spot just north of town on the beach for the night and that’s where all we stayed due to the wind.
Next was Los Barriles, we arrived late, found an official campground for the night and left early in the morning for Cabo Pulmo where we stayed on the beach for 3 nights. We ventured into town which is in an Ecological Reserve.

There were also some nice murals in town.
From here we set off for San Jose del Cabo but stopped at Santa Rita Hot Springs, these are some naturally heated hot springs located on an oasis where we spent most of the afternoon alternating between hot and cold pools.

From here we parted with Stefan & Thomas as they wanted to check out a camp spot next to a small river while we continued to San Jose del Cabo where we camped at the Marina for a night.

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