San Filipe

On our way we stopped for diesel at one of the BP gas stations. While we waited our friends Stefan and Thomas stopped to say hi. They were also heading over to San Filipe but where first going to Starbucks in Ensenada for a coffee and WiFi.

We continued across the peninsular where we had a military escort for part of the way, at least till they turned off (front vehicle).

It was getting late in the day by this time so we found a quite wild camping spot off the main highway next to a dry riverbed. We settled in for the night when Stefan and Thomas showed up so we joined them for a refreshment and caught up on each other’s travels after dinner.
In the morning we decided to travel together to San Filipe where we camped for two nights at Kiki’s.

Stefan and Thomas leading the way back to the highway from the dry riverbed.

San Filipe was in low season so most of the businesses where closed. There were only a few restaurants open, but it was nice just to spend a day or two to relax.

From San Filipe we set off for Bahia De Los Angeles again Stefan and Thomas, this drive would consist of driving down 100kms/60miles of dirt road, so we aired down the tires and set off after picking up some groceries and filling up with diesel. We hit the road around 1pm and stopped at Cowpatty for one of their famous hotdogs and a soft drink before continuing. We arrived at  Coco’s Corner around 4pm so stopped in to meet Coco who is famous in Mexico, he lives in the middle of nowhere, has no legs and is wheelchair bound. We bought 4 Cerveza for 100 pesos from Coco who allowed us to camp in his fenced yard for the night, there were also 4 other travellers there.

In the morning we completed the last 25kms/15miles of the dirt road and headed down MX1 to the turnoff to Bahia De Los Angeles.

We stopped for a photo shoot with the tall cacti at the side of the road. We noticed some vultures sitting on a couple of cactuses, upon closer inspection there was the remains of a cow with a vulture feeding on it and the others appeared to be waiting their turn.

There were many types of Cactus.

And then there was the one that jumped out of nowhere and grabbed Stewart’s shin. Thomas used some paper towel to pull it off Stewart’s leg then Stewart had to remove it from Thomas’s hand. The spikes would pierce the skin at the slightest touch then stick like glue, once removed it would leave small slivers that needed to be removed with tweezers.

We had intended to wild camp at La Gringa Beach, but the wind was quite strong.

We decided to head back to Daggett’s Campground which we had passed along the road, it was shaded  from the wind. Overlanders Mozart and Gemamobil who are from Austria were already camped there. We also spotted dolphins off the coast and the pelicans went on a feeding frenzy right out front.

Our campsite at Daggertt’s

After spending a couple of days here and celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary,  we continued south to Baja California Sur.

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  1. Congratulations on your 34th wedding anniversary while living your dream of Overlanding! Wishing you many years of love, health, happiness and safe travels! 🙂

  2. Congratulations. We just celibrated ours yesterday. There is no better place to celibrate an anniversary then Baja! Well, okay, maybe a few other places but it is a good one and you are both in the road together and that is great! We’ll see you soon.

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