One of the beaches in Cancun

We left El Cuyo early afternoon and where not sure if we would make it to Cancun in one day or stop on the way for a night somewhere. As it turns out we arrived in Cancun around 4:30pm after a slow drive on the secondary highways, to this point we had not totally decided where to stay that evening.

After checking out a couple of locations we settled on spot near Casa Maya resort, this was a parking stall with room for 4 vehicles located on a quite road with access to a small beach with limited access. The gates to the beach are closed and locked at around 7pm.

A couple of French Overlanders also turned up a little later and parked next to us for the night. We recognised the van they were in. These people had been hitchhiking around Central America and made it to Mexico where they purchased the van from a couple of Swiss girls. We ran into these same Swiss girls in their van at Overlander Oasis in El Tule, Oaxaca at the time Stewart switched out the Inverter/Charger.

Due to our late arrival we decided not to cook dinner but try a local restaurant, we caught a local southbound bus to a restaurant that had good reviews in our google search called Surfing Burrito. We had a nice dinner then strolled back to our rig for the night.

After breakfast the next morning we headed into Cancun Centro to refill our fresh water tank, pickup some groceries, and do laundry before heading back to the parking spot for the night.

The next morning, we called in at Casa Maya to book a room for our daughter and her boyfriend, they were due to arrive in a couple of days.

We had booked two-bedroom, two bath suite for a week in this hotel as we had a week of Timeshare that we needed to use. We actually wanted to change our reservation by bring it forward by one day due to the kids not being able to get flights for the same time period as the booking. Casa Maya were just not that flexible even though the resort was not full.

We then went into Centro again this time on the local bus, we wanted to check out some places that had been recommended.
For dinner we ended up at a local food court where we tried the Pollo (chicken) Empanadas at D’Luis. There was quite the lineup of locals at this food stall which none of the other stalls had. These Empanadas were large and topped all the trimmings, they turned out to be worth the wait.

The food court.

After dinner it started to rain so we headed to a restaurant/bar located on the edge of the food court to have a cerveza while we waited for it to subside. Well after two hours and the heavens opening it continued come down in the buckets full with no end in sight, we did managed to get a taxi back to Casa Maya.

Next day Victoria and Ryan arrived, they checked into a room at Casa Maya for a night knowing they would be changing rooms the following day when our booking would take effect.

The day we checked in there was quite the storm that blew-in.

The storm starting to blow-in.
Full blown storm.

Next day all was clear, the sun was shining and all was well again and we had some nice views from our room on top floor of the hotel.

For the next few days we walked around Cancun Centro and the local markets, enjoyed strolls on the beach, and eating good food at some of the local restaurants.

Pulpo (Octopus)
A combination platter.
Yup, that was good!

There are some fun artistic sculptures along the road to Cancun from Casa Maya.

Once Victoria & Ryan left, we had a couple of quite days around the resort and Cancun before moving back into our rig and heading south to Puerto Morales.

Before heading out we went back into Centro for Fish Tacos, which were excellent, these are the best Fish Tacos since Baja last year. Each taco was 15MP / $1CND each.

We stayed around Puerto Morales for about a week as we wanted to stay close to Cancun were Catherine would be flying back to Edmonton for two weeks to move her mother into a more secure and safer level of living as she need help with meals, cleaning, etc.

We decided to go to Puerto Morales because we had been there a few years back and it was a sleepy little fishing village, but not any more, its quite the tourist destination. There were functions in and around the town square most nights, the restaurants were full most lunch and dinner times, not to mention the bars where quite a few had live music playing.

We met some Canadians whom we had dinners and drinks with a few nights.

Left to right: Bill, Helen, Catherine, Kim and Larry

A ‘T-Shirt’ we saw in Puerto Morales 😊

We finally left here to take Catherine to the airport to go back to Edmonton for two weeks, Stewart went back to stay with Stephen in Chabihau as Steve’s wife Elaine was also going back to Canada for 10 days.

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