While Catherine had a full slate of things to accomplish while back in Canada moving her mother, Stewart went back to Chabihau for most of that time, visiting Stephen while camping in the vacant yard opposite the house, which belonged to the property. Stewart  used this time to have a crown replaced on his tooth which he had lost on the trip east to Cancun.

While Stephen and Stewart were out and about around Chabihau they ran into an expat that invited them to join a group of other expats that  get together once a week at a local restaurant, the location changed on a weekly basis. These expats, some live in the area full time, others own property and visit from time to time or for the winter months, others just rent for the winter months most coming from Canada and the USA, they were also invited to a couple of BBQ’s hosted by some of the expats.

Also visiting some of the other local towns in the area. One day going out to Dzilam de Bravo for breakfast then took a walk along the water front.

Wandering east of Progreso to take in Chelem and Chuburna, each of these little towns have their vibe and all have their own jetty.

Stephen’s wife Elaine came back a few days before Stewart was due to leave, bringing a new control module for the fridge, which was sent by the manufacturer, this new module was strictly 12v DC which Stewart switched out replacing the 110v AC/12v DC unit which we were having trouble with when temperatures were above 32C/90F. Since the change-out the fridge appears to be working very well, but time will tell.

After the two weeks were done Stewart headed back to Cancun to pick Catherine on her return from the frozen north. Stewart stayed at the spot next to Casa Maya again for convenience. Arriving the day before Catherine’s flight. Taking the local bus into Centro for some dinner and to take in some of the street art in some the out-of-the-way side streets.

There were many more pieces of street art, the above is just a sample.

After picking up Catherine from the airport we headed south to Puerto Morales for a couple of days, our ultimate goal would be Chetumal. We sorted out a few things that need to be done to the camper. We also visited with Les and Bev whom we met on our last visit.

From here we continued south to Tulum, where we hooked-up with Kim & Larry for a few days, we had also previously had met in Puerto Morales on our last visit, they had rented an apartment here for a month but were on their last week.

From Tulum we continued south stopping at Mahahual were we camped next to the Caribbean Sea.

Our camp spot for a few days.

The view from our home.

Mahahual is off the beaten path but is very much a tourist attraction, mostly located along the Malecon.

This is a Cruise ship destination, they stop at Costa Maya jetty, the visitors are then bussed into Mahahual which is a 10-minute bus ride away. We actually stopped here while on a cruise about 10 years ago, there were only a few local restaurants located right on the beach at that time.

We also had a couple of nice sunsets, although not over the sea.

You could even go for a bicycle ride on the sea.

We really like some of the Mexican road signs.

Continuing south, we stopped in at Bacalar, located on a fresh water lake of the same name. We stayed for a few days, we stayed in the grounds of Balneario Magico De Bacalar, this is located right on the lake and is a local and foreign tourist destination.

There is also an old fort which was a smaller version of the one we visited while in Malaysia, this was also a Pirate enclave at one point in history.

Bacalar, as with all Mexican towns had its own street art.

While in Bacalar we met a family of five who had been on the road for six years, they were heading to Ecuador, we spent a few days hanging out together. They also helped celebrate Stewart’s 65th birthday.

Left to right: Matheu, Stacey, Rafael, Gabriel, Catherine, Django and Stewart.

We finally made it to Chetumal where we spent a couple of days at Yax Ha Resort to prepare for our boarder crossing into Belize. While here we witnessed the Worm Super Moon rise.

After approximately two and half months in and around the Yucatan and Quintana Roo, and almost six months in Mexico it is finally time to move onto our next country.

Next: Belize

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