Northwest Alberta

After our time in Edmonton we left late afternoon to head to our next destination, which was Redwater to visit the World’s largest Oil Derrek.

This would be a quick stop for a photoshoot only.
From here we would head to Westlock where we would spend the night.

After a relatively quite night in Westlock, we had breakfast then continued on to our next stop, this would be Barrhead, this time to visit the World’s largest Blue Herron.

As you can see, the Blue Herron must have flown south for the winter. We are not sure where it has gone, presumably to be refurbished. The town did have many other Blue Herron’s along the streets situated on posts.

Continuing again our next stop would be Fort Assiniboine, this time to visit the World’s largest Wagon Wheel and Pick.

Now it was time to travel to our next destination, this time on to Swan Hills, here we would visit the Battle between Bear and Swan.

There were also pieces of art along the highway at Swan Hills.

It was mid afternoon when we left Swan Hills, we would have a 2.5hr drive to our next destination which is Falher, this is where we would spend the night in the local campground. Before this we would be visiting the World’s largest Bee.

Next morning, we continued north from Falher, and would be crossing the Peace River into the town of the same name. This is where we would have some lunch, restock our groceries then continue to Hines Creek.

The purpose of coming to Hines Creek is to see the World’s largest Railroad Spike.

This would be the most northern point of our trip; we would be travelling south again from here.

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