We left Chauvin for Saskatchewan to continue our tour of the Largest in the World theme, next stop would be Macklin, Saskatchewan where we would visit the largest Bunnock in the World. What is a Bunnock you may ask, I know we did!!!!

We hope the above photo clears up any questions you had, but who knew that there was a Bunnock tournament with a $20,000 prize to the winner.
We left here to go to our friends Kerri and Blaine’s farm which is located between Marsden and Neilburg for a visit.

We ended up spending a fun night there. We had originally met Kerri & Blaine in Huatulco, Mexico where had a great time. We continued to be repeat offenders in Huatulco on a few occasions over the years, we would all stay at Villa Blanca. While we visited them was a huge rain and wind storm, we were happy we had settled for the night.

Next morning, we set off for Battleford. Along the way we stopped in at Cut Knife to see the worlds largest Tomahawk.

Continuing on to Battleford we had a campground picked out but stopped on the way to visit the Battleford Baseball Museum, which was closed due to Covid-19. The good new was we still had access to the Canada’s biggest Baseball Bat.

As we were leaving the museum to go to the campground, we came across a mural depicting some of the history of Battleford.

We thought about stay two nights here but after looking at the weather report there was rain in the forecast so we decided to continue on to Prince Albert but not before a detour.

We had been told about a unique grove of trees call Crooked Bush, with some directions to get there.

While here we met a couple visiting locations in their backyard due to Covid, they mentioned how good the Cinnamon Buns were at the bakery in Hafford. Well we had to go find out for ourselves. They were so good we forgot to take photos while we had coffee and cinnamon buns.

Funnily enough all the street signs in Hafford were all in Ukrainian as well as English.

As we travelled to Prince Albert, we came across the town of Parkside which was not in our plans but just happens to have the worlds largest Lily.

We finally made it to Prince Albert, where we planned to stay the night, we found a local brewery where we sampled their wares.

Catherine wanted to visit the National Park of Waskesiu, so next morning we set off straight north.

After checking into the campsite, we walked into the town and back for a look around. The beaches were very busy when we originally drove though town upon our arrival, but had thinned by the time we walked back to town.

There were some unique carvings along the way.

There was also some garbage-can street art here.

We had intended to spend a couple of days here but when we woke up in the morning it was raining and the forecast said it would continue to be for the next couple of days, this was not in the forecast we checked before coming. Well, it was nice weather back in Prince Albert, so we went back there for another night. We found this wolf there as we walked around.

While we strolled through the riverside park, we came across some information on some of the local native peoples in the area.

Next: Northern Manitoba

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  1. Hey there, we subscribed to your blog after noticing your vehicle parked on our street, this week and earlier this summer! Looks like you are living the dream! We will be following you on your adventures.

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