Northern Manitoba

We left Prince Albert and beelined it to Flin Flon, Manitoba, this road has a 50km/30 miles section that is gravel. It took us approximately 5 hours to do this trip as we only travel between 80-100kmh/50-60mph on the highways.

Along the way we came across an area that had been destroyed be a large fire.

We arrived in Flin Flon and found a campground and settled in for a few days, the old railway station was located next to the campground where some of the old mining equipment was on display.

This is Flinty, as displayed at the campground. Flinty was going through a renovation at this time. Some local vandal climbed the scaffold and spay-painted this town mascot with rude gestures, this was after we had taken our photos.

While here, we explored the town and local area on our bicycles. As we wandered, we came across another version of Flinty.

There were a couple of murals around town. And some other items of interest.

Stewart had worked here on an upgrade to the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting smelter. Stewart only completed one trip on this project as he was offered a position on a project in Burnaby, which was be far a better location being just outside Vancouver.

The plant is in the distance.

Outside of the plant.

Continuing south from here our next stop was The Pas.

Arriving mid afternoon, we found the local museum and went for a perusal, this was located in the old Community Building and Courthouse.

In the basement there were a few prison cells.

We left here and found a place to stay for the night then went for dinner in town. Again as we strolled we found some items of interest including murals.

We ended up at the Royal Canadian Legion for a nightcap before retiring.

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4 thoughts on “Northern Manitoba”

  1. Thanks for these updates. Never been to these places. Great to see all the photos. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. Ola,
    I am familiar with the gravel road from Sask. to the Pas, 60 miles of gravel in the 80’s. Had a moss run out of the woods in front of me, nowhere to go and almost ran him down with the pick up I was driving. I worked in the mill for a week doing a heat treatment on some welding there. It was a work trip and not fun. Nice to see the museum and little history.

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