From Nordegg we travelled back to Calgary to spend some time with our daughter and her boyfriend. From here we decided to go to Lethbridge which is around a two-and-a-half-hour drive south. We set off down HWY-2 until we were south of Okotoks to Aldersyde where we turned east along HWY-547 to HWY-24 South which would take us right to Lethbridge.

We stopped in at Vulcan to visit the Vulcan Starship Enterprise Park, After all Spock came from Vulcan.

And for you ‘Trekies’ out there you can become a member of Enterprise Crew.

We then continued on to Lethbridge where we stayed at the local Casino parking lot. While here we tasted some craft beer at a couple of breweries on different days.
We also visited the Niko Yuko Japanese Garden.

Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden (日加友好日本庭園, nika-yuko-nihon-teien) is a 3.75-acre (15,200 m2) garden near Henderson Lake in Lethbridge, Alberta, designed by Dr. Masami Sugimoto and Dr. Tadashi Kubo of the University Prefecture Osaka in Japan. The pavilion, shelter, bridges and gates were built in Kyoto, Japan, by five artisans who later reassembled them in the garden. It was opened July 14th 1967, during the Canada Centennial. (Wikipedia)

Our next point of interest would be Fort Whoop-Up, located in the river valley.

Fort Whoop-Up was the nickname (eventually adopted as the official name) given to a whisky “Trading Post”, originally Fort Hamilton, near what is now Lethbridge, Alberta. During the late 19th century, the post served as a centre for trading activities, including the illegal whisky trade. The sale of “Whisky” was outlawed but, due to the lack of law enforcement in the region prior to 1874, many whisky traders had settled in the area and taken to charging unusually high prices for their goods.
Fort Whoop-Up is also the name of a replica site and interpretive centre built in Indian Battle Park. (Wikipedia)

From Fort Whoop-Up there is a sort Historical walk.

As we took-in the various sights a doe and two of her fawns checked us out.

After our time in Lethbridge, we headed back up to Calgary and made preparations for our winter convalescence in the sun.

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