Las Vegas, NV to Portland, OR.

After sorting out some business in Las Vegas we set off for Death Valley taking back roads instead of the main highway.


Death Valley: The lowest point in North America, it was a nice day there only 34C/93F the day after it was 39C/102F and climbing.

Sea Level is approx. one quarter of the way up the rock face in the centre of the photo.

After leaving Death Valley we drove over two passes to get to Little Pine as we needed gas. After filling up we drove up just north of Big Pine where Catherine found a wild camping spot. There are hot springs that have been dammed by the locals to form pools that act lake natural hot tubs, we intended to say just one night but enjoyed it so much we stayed three. The sunsets were stunning and star gazing from the hot pool was like nothing we’ve seen before. We would have like to have stayed longer but we needed to get to Boise to pickup a part for out water purification system.

Such an exhausting day!

From Big Pine we traveled to Elko, NV and spent a night in a Walmart parking lot after a dinner of Sushi:

The road to Elko (HWY-80)

From Elko, NV we went to Boise, ID to spend an evening with Karen and MacQ catching up and having fun. Boise is where we had our first Uber experience. Our first driver was like a tour guide, Kevin was his name and so personable, second driver, well, he got us home after a night out😊. We also made some new friends.

From Boise, ID we took the scenic route to Portland, OR by going through Bend, OR:

Bend, OR is a very nice town, has a picturesque river valley, a quaint downtown with some nice older neighborhoods, very pleasant surprise. We found a delightful BBQ restaurant and had a wonderful meal after getting the oil changed.

The next morning, we headed towards Portland, OR where we visited the Classic Chinese Gardens:

These gardens are well worth the visit while in Portland.

No trip to Portland is complete without visiting a Columbia store, so we went for a look around and made a couple of purchases.
Next, Portland, OR to Port Angeles, WA.

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