La Paz

After four nights all four parties left for La Paz.

Four of us in a convoy.

We stopped in Cuidad Constitucion for groceries, propane and water then continued towards La Paz, it was getting late so we camped just out of town on the northwest side, we drove out to a remote peninsula for the night.

Setting up for the night.

In the morning we went onto La Paz, stopped at Walmart, Autozone and Home depot for various items between us. From here we continued up the peninsular on the northeast side to Playa Balandra. We managed to set up in the corner of the carpark once some of the locals left after enjoying a day at the beach. We watched the sun go down then had dinner. This is when the little sand flees came out. They were hard to see but boy did they have big teeth. Stewart watched one land on his arm, it crawled along for a short distance then the tail went up as it tried to eat its way to the other side, everyone turned in for an early night due to the flees. Next morning the sunrise was very colourful.
In the morning the flee situation was no better, this was when we found Catherine had been bitten close to three hundred times, and was feeling miserable. At this point we packed up in no time flat and drove over to Playa Tecolote.

When we arrived all the best spots had been taken so we set up camp near the sand dunes, even that was not so bad.
Catherine made two batches of chocolate chip cookies in her Solaroven. This is the first time it has been used. The cookies were a huge success and enjoyed by all.
Next morning after breakfast Ken, Angela, Keela and Cash left to meet some friends, Pilar & Jorge left for La Paz to check out the ferry to mainland Mexico (Mazatlan). The two vehicles that were left moved to a nicer spot closer to the water that had opened up.
Late in the afternoon Pilar & Jorge returned for another night. After two more nights we all went into La Paz, checked out a couple of official campgrounds, restocked groceries then camped at Campestre Maranatha for three nights. After the second night we said our goodbyes Pilar & Jorge who left to catch the ferry, we hope to see them again if not before at least in Buenos Aries, Argentina when we get there.

Back right to left: Jorge, Stefan, Catherine, Pilar, Thomas, Front: Stewart.

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  1. Wow. You guys are really having a blast. Apart from getting nibbled by the sand bugs. The whole trip so far sounds so awesome. Keep traveling safe you two.

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