From the Hao Lo Prison we went to a coffee shop where they invented Egg Coffee. It does not sound appetizing but was surprisingly good, tastes like Creme Brulee.

Egg Coffee.

Many of the residential buildings here are tall about 6-7M/20-23 ft. wide.

While out on one of our walks we came across this maze of cables, how they know where they lead to is mind boggling.

As we wondered around, we would come across what we would call alley’s. Surprisingly most of these alley’s were full of businesses and restaurants.

Many of the larger tall hotels have, what are called ‘Sky Bars’ these are bars that are located on the roof of the building, the height being determined by the number of floors in the building. We found a bar that looked interesting and decided go there one evening after dinner for an aperitif, this is a modern city with many buildings lite up at night.

There is a night market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Old Quarter, there is anything you could want.

Next day we want to visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi, this was around 4km/2.5miles from our hotel which was nice walk into Hanoi proper. When we arrived, the museum was closed but the grounds where the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is located was open to the public. From the looks of his home, he did not live a lavish life style.

The main Boulevard running past the Mausoleum.
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
Ho Chi Minh’s residence.

There is also a Buddhist temple on the property.

Backing onto the Ho Chi Minh boulevard we found the Canadian Consulate.

Along the walk back we stopped at a small park with a statue of Vladimir Lenin.

This would be our last night in Hanoi before we caught a flight to Da Nang where we intended to rent an apartment for the next few months to base ourselves.

Next: Da Nang

5 thoughts on “Hanoi”

  1. Not sure about the EGG COFFEE.
    Looks like your moving around and enjoying new discoveries along the way. How are you guys finding the weather, is it hot and humid?
    Take care and looking forward to catching up with you soon.😀👍😎😎

  2. Cat, I notice you wearing a skirt. Is that weather dependent or a nod to the local dress?
    Love the rooftop bars!!

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