From Chabihau we continued in an easterly direction, travelling along the coast until we reached Dzilam de Bravo which was as far as we could drive before having to head inland for awhile, our destination would be Rio Lagartos.

While driving to Rio Lagartos we passed a sign for a Cenote located on a farm/horse riding stable. This was a small local family run set up and thought we would venture in to see.

We arrived at Rio Lagartos later in the afternoon, found a camp spot near a restaurant at the far east of the town, which was in fact the end of the road. We cooked a nice dinner and stayed the night. And Stewart last the crown from his tooth!

Looking towards Rio Largartos the evening we arrived.
Looking towards Rio Lagartos next morning.
The Gulf of Campeche was so calm and smooth.

Some locals came by for a visit, they were quite brave as they were only 2meters/yards away.

There was also a nature walk into the local mangroves where we saw a crocodile.

In the morning we set off towards Colarados, this was only about 50klm/30 miles further east along the coast but we had to go back inland a little before returning to the coast. We stopped at a remote beach along the way for break, it would have been nice to be able to stop here for an evening or two, alas there was nowhere to pull off the road.

Just before entering Coloradas we stopped at a salt processing facility which had another unusually coloured lake, it was Pink.

We had planned to stay just east of Coloradas for a night but we were following the direction of a mapping app on our iPhone, this took us way past where we wanted to be. We were on a single-track dirt road and had limited options to turnaround.

After discussing our options, we decided we were closer to El Cuyo than Coloradas so continued along the track until we arrived at El Cuyo.

We took a drive around the town and settled on parking in the town square where we would stay the night. The town had a nice pier and undeveloped beach area where we had lunch.

BBQ Ribs with salad.

There were a few murals in the town.

There was also a disused building that had been overgrown with vegetation.

For dinner we found a local restaurant then returned to our camper for the evening, planning to sit out and have a beer in the warm evening air. As we approached our rig there was a couple of Canadians admiring it. We sat and talked with Kim & Darcy who were from Duncan, BC (Vancouver Island) for awhile explaining our unit, travels to date and where to next as they were hoping to be able to do something similar at some point. Kim & Darcy had rented a house on the beach for a couple of weeks so they could windsurf. They invited us to stay a couple of days and park in their driveway. We had a couple of memorable days making dinner and having after dinner drinks, Darcy make a very good Margarita with the Tequila we purchased while in the town of Tequila a few months back.

Darcy catching some wind.
Darcy catching some water.
Kim & Darcy

We left El Cuyo and continued on to Quintana Roo for our appointment.

Next: Quintana Roo

2 thoughts on “East Along the North Coast”

  1. Hi guys,

    Been following along and planning to follow in your footsteps when we head off ourselves – love the part of Mexico you are in now…! Looking forward to more instalments as you continue along.

    Just curious on some costs and thought you could help:

    * are you able to avoid toll roads and still finds roads of decent quality ?

    * what kind of mileage are you getting in your truck ?

    Thanks !

    1. Jeff,

      Thanks for following, hope you are enjoying the blog.

      The toll roads are good for getting around quickly but you miss the real Mexico. We use toll roads when there are no other option, which is rare. We have supper single wheels all around so only get charged as a regular car.

      The regular roads are reasonable but have lots of Topes (speed Bumps) which slow you down. When planning your travels allow double the time your GPS or phone tells you.

      We only travel around 80kmh/50mph, out mileage is 12-13 mpg, that’s not bad considering we’re driving a brick LOL!!!

      Stew & Cat

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