Continuing North by Heading South

After our walk through Fort Vermilion, it was time to continue our journey.

We returned to our unit, packed-up, emptied our black and grey tanks and filled up with fresh water at the dump station adjacent to the Heritage Center.

From here we would be heading to High Level which was only 81km350 miles away taking the shortest route.

We decided to go via La Crete (the long way) which would mean we would head south instead of east this would add an additional 100km/62 mile to our journey taking us through the northern faming district. This area is located at a latitude on par with northern Scotland. If we make it to Yellowknife we will be on a Latitude equivalent to Iceland.

As we drove through La Crete which is mainly a Mennonite community, we noticed there is a Mennonite Heritage Museum here and decided that it might be a worth a stop. When we arrived, there was nobody in the reception building to greet us but the gates were open so we performed a self-tour. We found out later that a tour had left about 15 minutes prior. The following are some of the items on display:

Vehicles Tools, and Equipment:


Buildings and Structures:

The living quarters in some of these buildings:

After the tour we continued further south and east until we arrived at the La Crete ferry which would take us across the Peace River.

From the Ferry we only had a short distance travelling east before we turned north to High Level.

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