Da Nang

We left our hotel in Hanoi at 8:30 am by private driver organized by the hotel staff, we arrived in plenty of time for our 11:30 am flight only to find out our flight had been delayed until 3:30 pm. Our assumption is that they didn’t have enough passengers for the morning flight and combined …

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From the Hao Lo Prison we went to a coffee shop where they invented Egg Coffee. It does not sound appetizing but was surprisingly good, tastes like Creme Brulee. Many of the residential buildings here are tall about 6-7M/20-23 ft. wide.While out on one of our walks we came across this maze of cables, how …

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Off to Asia

The morning of the day we flew from Calgary to Vancouver it was -2C with 4″/10cm of snow cover, this was the first snow of the year, definitely a sign we needed to leave. We did not fly until 9pm, having 4.5 hours in Vancouver prior to our connecting flight leaving at 1:50am going to …

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