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    1. Hi Christine,
      We are well , we have been in Puerto Morales since leaving Cancun, not much internet the last week or so. Cat is heading back to Canada (Edmonton) tomorrow and I will be heading back to Progreso area until her return at the end of the month. You can contact Cat at, this is the best way as she checks this account regularly.

      Enjoyed meeting you the other night.

      Regards Stew & Cat

    1. Ken,
      Not sure of the name, contact OEV, they will be able to tell you. Conversely you could go to the Sunbrella site and do a comparison.

    2. Ken
      Great blog I love reading it.
      If you ever get time I’d love to see an update on your Summit camper. I’m considering a Camp X Hudson Bay and appreciate any OE reviews or updates. Keep up the great blog it is really appreciated.


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