‘Biggest’ Alberta Tour Part 2

After we left Vilna, we decided to travel in a southeast direction to St. Paul, there was a nice campground located on the east edge of town. But before we stopped for the night, we were going to visit the worlds first UFO landing site, this is to say the town of St. Paul built this site in anticipation of Aliens or Terrestrials wanting a place land.

This site is located on Main Street (Winnipeg Trail) and Galaxy Way.

After spending a night here, it was off to Glendon, this is where we found the largest Perogy in the world.

After a photo op, it was off to Cold Lake to visit one of Stewart’s work colleagues and his wife, Sam & Joanne. We met up in Ardmore where they live then travelled into the town of Cold Lake for dinner. On our way into town we called in to see an old railway trestle bridge, this is another section of Iron Horse Trail.

As you can see from the above, the trestle was set on fire (arson) and then rebuilt, in thephotos below you can see remnants from the fire.

We stayed in Cold Lake for a couple of nights seeing the local sites. Cold Lake is located in the edge of the worlds largest Air Weapons Range (Primrose Lake). Many years ago, Stewart worked on a project located in the middle of this range where you could be buzzed by a jet fighter at any time. The buildings all had to have a chequered roof’s so the pilots new not to launch any armaments at them while in combat training.
 Below are some of the planes on display at various locations around the town.

From here we headed south, stopping at Elk Point for a night.

Continuing next morning in an easterly direction, we stopped at Fort George and Buckingham House historical site, our ultimate destination was Lloydminster.

Next stop, was a little further east to the Frog Lake Massacre site, this is only about 32km/20 miles further east.

It was really hard taking photo’s of these information signs square on due to the sun’s reflection.

From here we continued south to Dewberry to see the largest Chuck Wagon in the world.

After a quick photo op, we were off to the Kitscoty campground for the night, then onto Lloydminster where we would visit the largest Border Markers in the world, these markers delineate the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Next up, still in Lloydminster is the World’s largest Sundial.
It you zoom in on the markers in the distance, you will see the shadow is between the 10 marker and the 11 marker.

After spending some time here, we finally left Lloydminster for Chauvin this time to visit the world largest Softball named ‘Suzie’, and see some interesting spectators sitting in the stands at the ball diamond.

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4 thoughts on “‘Biggest’ Alberta Tour Part 2”

  1. Thanks for this walk down memory lane. Many years ago, these locations, were part of my territory, and I visited them every eight weeks. Nice to see that the old UFO landing pad is still there. And also. How about all those superlatives we have right here in Alberta. I laughed the first time I saw the world’s largest Perogie on a fork! Makes me want to take a road trip up there again. Thanks for the pics and commentary!

    1. Jay,

      We are happy you are enjoying your memories. we’ll try to surprise you with some future locations.

      Stew & Cat

    1. Hi Doug,

      Hope you are well. This is just the beginning of our trip, keep tagging along for some items you are not familiar with.

      Stew & Cat

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