Alaska Part 2

When we arrived in Anchorage we decided to stay at Ship Creek campground, as it  was walking distance to the downtown area, staying three nights. We visited some of the tourist and historic locations.

The Salmon were running up the Ship Creek estuary so a few fishermen decided to take advantage.

They like to start them young in Alaska!!!!

We met up with Charlie & Laura here again and visited one of the local breweries for a drink and dinner, we then headed over to Darwin’s Theory, and this is a rather eclectic drinking establishment.

We left Anchorage and headed south towards Homer, AK. On the way, we stopped at a local fish and seafood store where we purchased some crab cakes and a dozen raw oysters for dinner, they were so good!!!

We camped the night at Kasilof River Special Use Area where we met fellow overlanders Anna and her husband from Germany in their Westfalia.

View from the camper upon arrival.
And at sunset.

In the morning, we continued south driving through Anchor Point, this is the most westerly point in North America one can drive to without catching a ferry.

In Homer where we spent a couple of days going for walks along the beach, watching sunsets and visited a well-known local watering hole.

Taken around 9pm as we relaxed on the beach.

While sitting on the beach at our camp spot watching the sun slowly go down at around 10:30pm the ground began to shake and lasted about 5 seconds, this was a minor earthquake!

This was taken around 11pm about half hour after the tremor.

There was also some unique homes/businesses.
We also met up with Charlie, Laura & Nate again on our way out of town at the local brewery.
I think I see a theme here!
Nate waited outside, while Stewart did not participate in the tasting as he had to drive to Seward later in the day. From the Brewery, we all went and grabbed a bite to eat at the local Thai restaurant and then we said our goodbyes to Charlie and family whom we hope to meet up with later in the year in New Mexico.

*Latest on Charlie & Laura’s Westfalia – it will be another 7 weeks or so to collect parts they need and ship them to Anchorage for installation. They have decided to fly back home for this period of time, hopefully all will be well in the end and they are back on the road traveling. *

We arrived in Seward around 6pm just in time to see a cruise ship leaving and find a campsite for the evening. Seward was having their fishing derby going at this time so all campsites were busy.

View from our camping spot found by using the iOverlander app.

Next morning, we walked into Seward where we had some breakfast and visited the Alaska Sea Life Center then later in the day we checked out the Seward Brewing Company.

Check out the length and depth the Sperm Whale can dive.

We both sampled the Rockfish Red, we liked it so purchased a Crowler to go. A Crowler is a 32oz can of beer of your choice, which is sealed right there in the bar a soon as it is poured!!!  What a cool way to market beer from a brewery.  For us a growler is too big for out fridge.

The next day we visited Exit Glacier, this glacier is a living laboratory and has been studied for decades.

Next: Alaska Part 3 and the road home.


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      1. Hi guys. Sorry to not get back to you sooner, had a couple of family panics to deal with. All sorted now. Your travels sounds amazing, so happy for you both. Stay young and enjoy every minute. Steve.

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