May 2023


Once again it was time to leave Vietnam to renew our visa, this time we chose to travel to Bangkok. We arrived around noon and headed to our hotel to drop off our luggage. We decided to take a stroll to get our bearings, we were staying on the edge of the tourist area called …

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Bobby and Karen, Stewart’s friends of many years, passed away in the Fall of 2021 in a mud slide on their organic fruit farm located 50km/30 miles northeast of Kuala Lumpur. When this happened, we were unable to visit due to all the Covid-19 restriction throughout the world at the time. There were 36 people …

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War Remnants Museum

This museum is about the Vietnam/US war, and after effects, This war should never have happened as it was a false flag that started it. This will mainly be photos as all information is contained within them. Its long past time humanity learned from the mistakes made by others long ago that are written within …

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