March 2023

The Killing Fields

We visited the central museum here in Phnom Penh, this was quite disappointing as we expected more general information and history of the country. Most items on display were from Angkor Wat. From here it was off to “Tuol Sleng”, this was Por Nhea Yat Highschool before “Pol Pot” and Prison Chief “Kang Kek Lew” …

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Phnom Penh

As our visas were due to expire on the 2nd of January, we needed to leave Vietnam. The decision was made to catch a bus from Saigon to Phnom Penh in Cambodia as there were things we wanted to see and visit in Cambodia but Phnom Penh would be our first stop. There is are …

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Saigon Pt.2

The day after we returned from our sightseeing tour, we visited the Independence Palace which is open to the public for viewing. Ground floor:   Second Floor: View from Second Floor Balcony There were a couple of military vehicles on the grounds. There is a ‘Hash group’ in Ho Chi Minh City, they have a …

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